Labradoodles with their owners

Making Sure Your Labradoodle Doesn’t Get Nervous

Australian Labradoodles are the sweetest dogs in the world. They are very friendly and loving dogs to have around your home and to be a part of the family. One thing to remember is that all dogs can get a little anxious and nervous at times. It’s important to remember this when being around them and bringing them out to places.

Have Them Come to You

This is a very important thing to keep in mind. When approaching your Labradoodle, you never want them to get scared off. You should be letting them sniff you out and have them approach you on their own terms. This is how you can allow them to get comfortable being around you. Trust us, they will want to be around you, so have them be the ones to make the first move.

Take it Slow with Introducing them to Dogs and People

When bringing them around other people and other dogs, it’s crucial that you take this one step at a time. You never want to overwhelm them with large crowds or bringing them to a dog park. You must ease into that process. Of course, start out with having one or two friends/family members to come over and meet them. And remember, make sure to tell them to let your Labradoodle approach them first.

When it comes to other dogs, you must make sure that the other dog is relaxed and friendly around other dogs. You never want to have the other dog be skittish around dogs, or else this can cause major issues. You can have a playdate with another friend’s dog that is well-behaved around other dogs.

Keep an Eye on Their Reactions

Every dog breed is different, and every dog is different within that specific breed. When they are puppies, it’s important to keep an eye on their behavior and their reactions to things. This could be paying attention to their reaction to thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. Make sure to comfort them and adjust your behavior to make them understand that everything is fine.

Remember, when in stressful situations, dogs will react to their owner’s behavior.

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