Care of our Dogs

Here at Jubilee, the complete care of our labradoodles is top priority. The quality, health, coat, and temperament of our breeding stock has been carefully chosen to produce a most desirable family companion or future breeding stock.

The health of our labradoodles is taken very seriously, through regular veterinary care, and proper genetic testing. We monitor and maintain them at home with daily, weekly, and monthly routine loving attention (ears, nails, bathing, grooming, etc.). Our dog’s diets consist of the best organic holistic foods available, for optimum health and development.

Jubilee Labradoodles have fenced playground areas with many toys, little swimming pools and other fun ways to express themselves and develop good social behavior together. Walks through our park and trails, on and off leash, are all part of the exercise and training. On a faster pace, the dogs enjoy vigorous exercise by running along behind the golf cart. Our policy here is plenty of exercise grows a healthier, happier dog.

Our labradoodles are socialized in many different ways. Whenever we leave to go somewhere, there’s always a doodle with us and they all love their turn experiencing new adventures. And yes, they do like to go shopping. The local pet store seems to be their favorite choice! Here at Jubilee they are exposed to friends and family, including children of all sizes, deer, turkeys and other wildlife. When it is their turn to go to the farm to spend time with my parents, they get to meet the BIG DOGS – CLYDESDALE HORSES!

As all the litters are born in our home, they are familiar with and desensitized to common household noises. They receive plenty of love and attention from all of us, including our grandchildren. We live with a pack of very special labradoodles and they see us as their pack leaders, supplying a stable environment needed to grow happy balanced dogs.