Doodle Ranch

There is nothing quite like life on the Doodle Ranch!  Whether we’re taking the “kids” out for some exercise, delivering puppies, enjoying coffee together on the back porch and laughing at their crazy antics, or talking to you about doodles, we’ve concluded:  Jubilee is richly blessed!

Tucked away snugly in the heart of the Irish Hills, we get to experience the joy of all four of Michigan’s beautiful seasons.  In the Spring, the smell of the earth waking up after it’s long sleep is intoxicating and filled with promise.  Jubilee is abuzz with activity as we prepare our Australian Labradoodles and Goldendoodles for the heat of summer.  Summer makes its arrival, announced by a carpet of verdant green grass and trees you can almost hear growing.  Fall’s crisp air and riot of colors celebrates the passing of the heat.  Then Winter announces her arrival in quiet majesty.  Fitting for a queen, she lays out blankets of dazzling snow that sparkle in the sun.

Of course, we’re doing the work while the kids get to enjoy the weather.  But it’s work we love and have been gifted with a talent for.  Jubilee Labradoodles and Goldendoodles is, in our humble opinion, the best place on earth to live.  Come visit, let’s do a doodle deal!

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