Why are Labradoodles the Ultimate Family Pet?

A family pet is more than just a part-time plaything, and for many families, selecting the perfect pooch is a difficult process, as every members of the family has different desires for their dog. From a playmate to a cuddle buddy, your pet will need to enjoy the various activities and excursions your tribe takes, whether jogging through the park or just lounging around the house. For these reasons, and many more, labradoodles make the ultimate family pet!

Easy to Love

Labradoodles are undeniably adorable from puppyhood into old age. Available in many colors and patterns, these beautiful animals range in shades from brown and tan to white or black. They are also very similar in personality and coat, whether you’re looking for a medium-sized pup or a miniature labradoodle to join your family. With a teddy-bear face and tender personality, it’s hard not to swoon over a labradoodle’s cuteness! Known for being affectionate, allergen-free companions, their almost human-like features lend extra expressiveness to their faces, which will always display their loving loyalty as they join you for a day at the beach or keep your seat warm on the couch.

Smart and Highly Trainable

Labradoodles are generally happy, but not overly hyper dogs, and are known to be highly intelligent. So much more than just a “lawn ornament dog,” these pups can do more than just play fetch. Commonly selected as therapy or companion animals, labradoodles pick up new skills easily and eagerly. Keeping your labradoodle happy is also simple, because their eagerness to please translates to play as well as purpose. As excellent swimmers, to boot, these dogs make for a fun poolside playmate and are incredibly docile and nurturing with children.

If you aren’t already convinced that a labradoodle would make the perfect addition to your family, consider that the loyalty and affection given by this breed is second to none. If you’re seeking a sidekick that will provide plenty of kisses and faithful companionship, visit the Doodle Ranch if you’re in the Michigan area and interact with these amazing animals. The moment your eyes meet, you’ll know you’ve found your newest family member.

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