Labradoodle in sunshine out on the deck

How to Properly Brush Your Labradoodle’s Coat

Labradoodles have a variety of coats that can consist of wiry, curly, or super soft to the touch. They do not have an undercoat, which means it’s a single coat, and they will shed little to nothing at all. This comes as a great relief for dog owners, especially Labradoodle owners because there are many dog breeds out there that shed quite a bit.

When considering grooming them, there is one job in-particular you must pay attention to: Brushing Your Labradoodle’s Coat.

Here is how to properly brush your Labradoodle’s coat:

Comb with a Slicker Brush

There are of slicker brushes to choose from online to ensure that you brush your Labradoodle properly. You always want to make sure you’re using the right Labradoodle for their coat. It’s never a good idea to just grab any type of brush because those brushes could be difficult to use with the type of coat they have.

How Often Do They Need to Be Brushed?

Your Australian Labradoodle should be brushed at least once per week, and when they are puppies around 8-12 months old, it’s important to keep an eye that their coats don’t experience too much matting. Pay attention when brushing for any matting with their coats.

Don’t Worry Too Much About Shedding

The good thing about Australian Labradoodles is the fact that they do not shed much at all, if even. They do shed more than Poodles, but this is almost nothing, so you won’t need to worry about having their coat of fur all over your furniture if you do let them on it. They shed way less than other purebred dogs and other mixes. You may need to sweep or vacuum at the end of the week when you notice a little bit of fur around your home, but this is a simple task compared to other dogs.

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