How to Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable

Every dog can be different, and some may be a little more nervous than others. Some dogs need some time to get used to their environment. If you have a shy Labradoodle, you can spend some time with them to help them get used to being comfortable in your home.

Here are some ways to help:

  • Socialization – Your puppy needs to have socialization with other people in order for them to feel comfortable and not nervous. Taking them to visit family/friends who have dogs who you know and trust, can be incredibly beneficial. Getting them out of the house, exploring, and meeting new people will only help.
  • Don’t Force Change – For a dog to get used to their environment, they have to set the pace. It’s up to them. You have the ability to give them encouragement, but remember, they need to make that decision on their own terms. They will get more comfortable, as long as you have positive reinforcement.
  • Set an Example – As a dog owner, you play a major role in development when it comes to your new family member. Your Labradoodle will pick up traits and tendencies that you portray, so it’s always important to be aware of these things. If they see you very comfortable with people, other dogs, and strangers, it will encourage them to be the same.
  • Positive Vibes – Along with setting a behavior example, positivity is key to training your dog. Your Labradoodle will notice your emotions, so if you’re angry, don’t let it overcome you because they may feed off of that and get frightened or nervous.

Jubilee Labradoodles

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