Tricks to Teach Your Labradoodle

Getting a new puppy can be an exciting time in your life. It takes time to get them used to living in a home with a new person. One great way to get them acquainted with you is to teach them simple tricks!

Here are some simple tricks to teach your Labradoodle:

Shaking Hands

This is a very common trick to teach your pup. If you can get this down, your guests will love the greeting they get from your Labradoodle when they come to visit your home. Have them sit and command “paw.” Grab their paw and shake it, then grab the other one and do the same.

Play Dead

Playing dead for a dog is a fun one to teach. If you can already get them to lie down, then this one becomes much easier to teach. You can use the old “bang” trick with your pointed finger at them. Make sure to hold a treat in your hand.

Ring a Bell

This may be a little tricky, but it can be very useful for your dog when they have to go out or want their dinner. Obviously, you should have them on an eating schedule, but teaching them to ring the bell can be fun. Teaching them to “touch” first will make this easier. When you let them out to do their business, practice touching a bell right near the door.


This one seems like it is the easiest because many people assume this is a natural trick dogs do, but it’s not. Put treats in a rubber ball or in a tennis ball that has a slit in it. Throw the ball and run with them to get it, then give them the treat. After you start doing this more and more, remove the treat and throw the ball a couple times. Once you give them treats less and less, they will get used to not going for the treat and just playing fetch.

Jubilee Labradoodles

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