Introducing Your Labradoodle to Your Baby

It’s always exciting when you’re bringing your baby home after the delivery. It’s also important that your Labradoodle is introduced properly to the new member of the family. Here are some ways to prepare your labradoodle for the new arrival of the newborn baby!

Prepare Your Labradoodle

During your pregnancy, your labradoodle will probably be aware of changes, but it’s also important to acclimate them to some of those changes. Labradoodles are very loving and friendly to children already, but a new baby arrival can throw them off just a tad. Introduce your labradoodle to the baby’s room before they arrive. Set aside a specific time to spend time with your dog including a playtime. This will get them in the routine of knowing that they will not be the only ones that need attention in the household.

When the Baby Arrives

It’s important that when you bring the baby home, you greet the dog alone, so your labradoodle doesn’t jump up. They may be excited to see you after a couple days away, so it’s important for them to release some energy before introducing them to their sibling. Allow them to get used to the baby’s scent and smells. Your labradoodle will just be curious at first, but they will eventually love to have the baby around.

Keep Up the Routine

You’ll definitely have your hands full with the baby, but don’t break the routine with your labradoodle. Continue to go on daily walks, and set aside playtime for the dog, so that they know you aren’t leaving them out to dry. This will let them know that although a new member has arrived, they still are a part of the family.

Include them in Activities

When resting with the baby, changing them, and feeding them, make sure your labradoodle knows they are welcome to be around these activities. Don’t ever put them in a corner or another room. It’s also important to be establishing boundaries around the nursery, so they know that the baby’s belongings are not to be played with.

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