How to Get Your Labradoodle to Stay off the Couch

Having a Labradoodle is a wonderful thing because of their friendly and loveable personality. Letting your dog all over your furniture can be a habit that you don’t want them getting into. Every dog owner is different when it comes to their dog laying on the couch. There is no right or wrong, but sometimes owners let their Labradoodle get into a habit and have a hard time getting them out of it.

Well, here are some ways to get your Labradoodle to stay off the couch:

Teaching Commands and Training

When you’re not home, it’s tough to get your Labradoodle to stay off the couch, but when you are at home, you have the ability to reinforce the “off the couch” rule with specific commands and training techniques. Say “no” when they get on the couch, and use directional commands pointing to their comfy bed on the floor. They’ll pick up on the signal.

Establishing Their Place

Utilizing the phrase “place” when talking about their bed or their space to lie down is very important. It’s known to help train dogs into understanding where they can and cannot lie down in the home. As they obey your command, it’s very important to reward them with a treat, so they understand this is exactly what you want them to do.

When You’re Gone

There are some tricks you can use to keep your dog away from the couch, but sometimes they don’t always work. It’s crucial to always work on commands and training when you’re home with the dog, so that in the future, they will understand the lay of the land even when you’re gone.

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