Hot Weather Alert! Don’t Forget About Your Dogs

The summer months can be quite fun for your dog, but it can be hot for them as well. Make sure to be on high alert when the temperatures are hotter than normal because they can suffer heat strokes just like humans can.

6 Signs of Heat Strokes in Dogs

A heat stroke in a dog can be very dangerous to their health, and that is why it’s very important to notice the signs, as well as prevent them from even getting one.

This is what happens when dogs walk on hot pavement – their paw pads can get burnt and the skin peel back and fall off. This is very painful for them. In 86° weather, pavement temperatures have been measured at between 135° and 143° (To put this in perspective, you can fry an egg at 131°). Please make sure the pavement is cool enough for our furry friends before any walks! Even 10 seconds on a hot pavement can be enough to damage their skin.

Here are the signs of heat stroke:

  • Rapid Panting – all dogs will pant when they are running around, but in the hot weather this could be more than usual.
  • Weakness – if your pup is showing signs of lost energy and weakness, this could mean they are overheated.
  • Bright Red Tongue – check your dog’s tongue for this sign.
  • Diarrhea and Vomiting – if your dog comes in the house after being outside and experiences diarrhea or vomiting, this can be a clear sign of a heat stroke.
  • Thick/Sticky Saliva – along with the panting, if the dog’s saliva is uncontrollable and very thick, this is a warning sign.

What Should I do If I See These Signs?

If your dog shows any of these signs, it is good to put them into a cool area in the house with air conditioning.  The basement is a good place for this as well.  Apply cool water to their entire body with a cool towel to their head, neck and chest.  Make sure to give them small drinks of cool water, so they can catch their breath and improve their breathing. If the signs worsen, a visit to the vet is vital to their recovery.  You never want to see your dog feeling this way and taking them to the vet might be the best option.

Jubilee Labradoodles

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